If so, I can help!

Lakeside Shift

A one off 1:1 for 30 minutes. (Limited availability)

What will I be shifting for you?

Maybe you need a bit further Clarity on a Capability?

Maybe you need some guidance with a Believe Release?

Maybe You need support with living in EvolvE YOU?

Maybe it’s help with some Physical Healing?

You decide and then book your place for a Lakeside Shift.

Who is this for?

You if you are Serious about Change and willing to do whatever it takes to help You get to the Next Level.

Introductory offer of £99

10 Day True Connection Focus

Includes: 1x 60 minute recorded 1:1 video call & 10 days WhatsApp support Mon-Fri 9-5

What do you want to use this True Connection Focus for?

Energetic Capabilities

Physical Healing

Awakening or EvolvE YOU Support

Consciously Whole Book Writing Support

The choice is yours!

Introductory Offer £350

Serious True Connection

Bespoke 1:1 support offered over 3 months. Open only to those who are Ready and Serious about Positive Change.

Support provided may also include access to relevant online programs.

Investment for this Change is £3,000, payment plans are available.

Book a 20 min Clarity Call to discuss your Needs and Desire for Positive Change