If so, I can help!

5 Day Energetic Emmersion

Includes: 1 x 45 minute recorded 1:1 video call & 5 days support Mon-Fri 9-5 on Voxer

What do you want to use this Energetics Emmersion for?

Energetic Capabilities

True Cellular Form

Awakening or EvolvE YOU Support

Consciously Whole Book Writing Support

The choice is yours!

Investment £450

Limited Places Available in July and August 2022

(your 5 days start on a Monday)

Please note this will be a Truly Epic Energetic Expansive Experience for you and therefore you will need to allow time for Rest and Interaction in order to get the most out of this!!

Who Is This For?

• You may have never had a 1-2-1 with me before but you will have as a minimum, Started the Believe Releasing Process with your Higher Self

• If you have Awakened or if You are Living in EvolvE YOU a 1-2-1 Offers Specialised, Expansive Opportunity!

• You May Want to Understand More about your Energy including but not limited to Abilities, Capabilities, True Cellular Form or a number of other Things that you have come to Understand through 5th Dimension Earth.

• You will Need to Attend with a Focus. It is Important that a Priority is Set by your Energy in order to Gain full Benefit over the 5 days, e.g. True Cellular Form

What Can You Expect?

• Newness, Guidance, REAL Change and Satisfying Experience.

• Energetic Exercises, Connection and Action as I Guide your Energy in forward Momentum

• The five days, including your 1-2-1 Session, will Progress you forward as We (that's Me and God) are Allowing the Creation of your own Focus to Propel your Energy Forward to the Direction that is Wanted Most by your Energy

• The 1-2-1 Zoom Session will hone in on what is Most Wanted and also what Specifically your Energy is looking to Achieve

• It is Important that the Focus is True. This Means that a Priority will Occur within your Energy, even though there may Be several Things Wanted to Be Achieved. This Ensures that your Energy isn't Scattered but instead Focused and Assured, Meaning that your Energy will Achieve and Feel Good in that Achievement

• Everyone is different, your 1-2-1 Outcomes and Focus for 5 days will be Different to Others albeit there may Be similar themes

• Ideally your Energy will Be able to Focus on these 5 days and to invest your Time for this. That isn't to say that Commitments cannot Be Followed through but the More Availability your Energy has to Focus the More will be Achieved