Why Work With Me?

  • YOU feel like you have been trying forever to improve the way you feel!

  • YOU have been following numerous approaches but just can't manage to sustain the high vibration or good feelings!

  • YOU feel physically and emotionally drained from trying so hard to find a way to lasting happiness and wellbeing?

Do YOU Really Want to Live Your LIFE?

I am a Believe Accredited Practitioner and a 5th Dimension Earth Certified Healer.

This means that I can work with you on both your vibrational and physical healing in the most unique and potent way, accessing the 5th Dimension Earth Megadome.

From here, anything is possible!

Trust that if you choose to work with me, you are in the right hands, that is if you Truly Want to Live Your LIFE!


Discover how I can support you on your journey



Activating You to Believe & Beyond

I am a Believe Accredited Practitioner and a 5th Dimension Earth Certified Healer. Which means I can guide you to emotional freedom and physical wellbeing, using the unique and potent energies accessed via the 5th Dimension Earth Megadome.


I understand from personal experience how consistent and constant low vibration impacts on the physical body and the resulting frustration when everything you try doesn’t bring relief.


If you are Ready and Committed to Change, if you want to work on your Awakening and Physical Healing at the same time, if you want to discover what lies Beyond Awakening for you I can Help.

Introduction to Your Higher Self

One of the most powerful connections that you can have is that with your Higher Self.


Your beautiful, precious Higher Self who has been with you, a part of you since your soul was created.


When you learn how to consciously connect with them you can always rely on them to guide you through life.


They only ever want what is best for you. They only ever want you to succeed in life.


So, start here, with this higher self connection practice and let the most significant relationship you will ever have, blossom and grow.

Consciously Whole Writing

Let me introduce you to a new way of writing that will connect you to the TRUE message you want to share and assist you in deepening your relationship with non-physical guides, including your Higher Self.


Using intention, energetics and a connection to your Higher Self you can learn how to receive from non-physical and write content with Ease and Flow.


It doesn't matter where you are on your journey, if you are just starting to connect with your Higher Self or if you are Awakened. I can support your Consciously Whole Writing connection to deepen your relationship with your Higher Self, to guide you to the Releasing Process through writing and / or to create compelling content for your business. (To be Consciously Whole means that you align to and connect with your Higher Self on a regular basis.)


This process energetically connects your audience to your writing, it infuses your writing with the energy you want your audience to feel. And when you are ready to write your leading-edge insight books and publications I have a unique Masterclass to take you through the step by step process to get you Ready for self-publishing.

Books Written by Jane

Discover Leading Edge Insight guided by Jane's non-physical team in the There’s More to Life Than Living Series. Book One Aspects of Life is available to purchase from Amazon. Book Two coming soon.​

Jane Jackson

Believe Accredited Practitioner

5th Dimension Earth Certified Healer

Creator of the Consciously Whole Writing Community

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