Jane Jackson

5th Dimension Earth Certified Healer

I am a Believe Accredited Practitioner and 5th Dimension Earth Certified Healer specialising in working with clients to stop Hurting and start Healing.

I understand from personal experience how consistent and constant low vibration impacts on the physical body and the resulting frustration when everything you try doesn’t bring relief.

Not only do I understand but I can help you stop Hurting and start Healing.

Are you ready to embark on this healing journey which will set you FREE?

If you are Ready and Committed to Change I can Help.

5th Dimension Earth Certified Healing Does Not Replace Medical Guidance That You May Currently Be Receiving, Although It Will greatly Support it. Therefore Please Continue To Follow Your Doctor’s Advice.

Healing Shift

Healing Shift – a one off 1:1 session for 30 minutes + a personalised Recorded Healing Design for you to listen to as often as you need.

What will I be shifting for you?

You decide.

It could a physical problem you have had for a long time that is resistant to change.

It could be something new that has manifested for you, that you would like support with.

Please be aware that overnight rapid healing although possible is very rare and it is likely that you will require consistent energy focus and healing before you Notice a Change.

Introductory offer of £99

Healing Momentum

3 x 1:1 30 minute sessions + 3 x personalised Recorded Healing Designs

The Healing Momentum is particularly helpful for those long term issues that are stubborn and persistent.

Introductory offer of £250

Enact HURT Healing

This Specific Healing Design is Incredible Healing for anyone who has Held Low Vibration within their physical body for a long time

This Process will Remove the Physical Triggers your cells are generating to Trigger Fear in You

Yes, your cells can Hold Fear and often this is the Reason for not Feeling Good even though you have been following the Believe Releasing Process

Many of you have been advised that this is something you need after The Broadest Truth Programme. You must be predominantly High Vibrational to benefit from this Healing Experience, otherwise the low vibration can be quickly placed back into your cells. I would recommend no less than over 75% High Vibration. Check in with your Believe Accredited Practitioner or your Higher Self first.

This Healing Design will bring the Change your physical cells are wanting, to help you let go and create the life you want.

1 x 45 minute 1:1 Session via Zoom.

Plus text support for the duration of the process which can be up to 4/5 weeks (you will receive specific guidance on our session).

Plus a personalised Healing Design to support your physical cells to feel good after the process.

Cost of HURT Healing Package is £200.

Please do not book this session unless you have been advised to by a Believe Accredited Practitioner or spoken to me first.

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