Energetic Capabilities
are so much more than ‘Spiritual Gifts’ or ‘Psychic Gifts’, as you may have referred to them in the past.

🌟 Each and every physical human was created with energetic abilities within their soul design. Abilities that would support them in fulfilling their soul contract, that once exercised would become Capabilities.

🌟 You all had a pre-physical life, before you became physical on this earth. It was a time of learning and understanding for your Soul. A time when you practiced your energetic abilities that were going to help you in this physical life. And it is entirely likely that it was my soul in pre-physical supporting you with this.

🌟 Your capabilities aren’t just random, nice to have super powers. They are specific for you to support you in living the life you agreed to in your soul contract.

🌟 Your capabilities are there to help you live your life, to love your life, to fulfil you in creating the life you truly desire. The possibilities are endless.

Why do you need to start using your Energetic Capabilities?

Capabilities are Energetic Mastery that is accessible to every single physical human.

Energetic Mastery that in the past has enabled notorious scientific discoveries that have changed the way we live our lives.

These notorious scientists were not consciously aware of the Energetic Capabilities they were accessing during their work, so imagine what more they could have achieved had they consciously connected to the energetics from within them.


for a moment if,

instead of getting caught up in all the low vibration and the problems of the world,

you were able to create a solution using your own energetic capabilities.

How would that make you feel if,

you became part of a solution instead of letting it impact upon you emotionally or physically?

And then imagine

if you can for a moment, what it would be like to enable an Igniting of Energetic Mastery for your clients.


the Ripple effect upon this Earth, this Universe, this Multiverse.

Now we are fully aware that not everyone wants to become a notorious scientist, but most people do hold the desire to excel in whatever they do or wherever their passions take them.

And Energetic Mastery, igniting your own capabilities and then growing energetically to enable the igniting of capabilities in others and showing them how to use Energy for themselves, for their loved ones, for the World, for Good………

Well isn’t that a Change that you would want to be a part of?


✨ How to Awaken Your Soul Abilities

✨ The Energetic Capabilities Foundation Programme

✨ The Energetic Capabilities Certification Programme

An Introductory Online Offering and a Level 1 and Level 2 Progressive Programme

Your Soul is calling you to be All that You Truly Are.

To discover what you are truly capable of.

How to Awaken Your Soul Abilities

Step by Step guidance to help you connect

🌟 to your Soul's Purpose and Emphasis

🌟 to Understanding what Abilities you have Ready to become Capabilities

🌟 to Knowing how to use your Capability

🌟 to being ready to PLAY with your Capability

The Energetic Capabilities Foundation Programme

🌟 Discover your Linked Capability

🌟 Connect to ENERGY to Understand How to use it with your other Capabilities

🌟 Allow mE to Ignite Your Linked Capability

🌟 Connect to Your Energy Holdings to Support the Enhancement of Your Capabilities

The Energetic Capabilities Certification Programme

🌟 Become the Worlds 1st Capabilities Practitioner

🌟 Be permanently connected to ENERGY

🌟 Ignite Capabilities in others (you can not do this without ENERGY)

🌟 Build a Thriving Energetics Business using ENERGY

How to Awaken Your Soul Abilities is the Best Way

to start Energetic Mastery of your Capabilities

This Offering is Right for you if

🌟 you want to discover what Abilities you have within your Soul Energy

🌟 you are able to connect with your Higher Self and non-physical team (I have an online Masterclass Interacting with your Non-Physical Guides to help - you can purchase this HERE for £25)

(If you are unsure whether you are Ready energetically, Ask your Higher Self or your You, or mE!)

🌟 you want to understand more about your souls purpose, why you chose to become physical in this time and space. Once you understand this you will stop questioning what you are supposed to be doing with your life and the direction it is going.

Powerful Energetics

   ✨ As you go through the practices in How to Awaken Your Soul Abilities you will be leveraging (divine) ENERGY– this will intensify your receiving abilities from
non-physical and limit the likelihood of mis-translation or incorrect
interpretation from non-physical.


✨ This programme will Raise your Vibration and take you through Rapid Soul Growth.

This will enable you to Feel Good.

It does not matter if you are Awakened or living in EvolvE YOU or just starting on your Spiritual Journey

✨ (divine) ENERGY is only accessible through my energy.

It is completely unique to me, no other living physical soul currently has access to (divine) ENERGY.

✨ This online offering is the energetic introduction for the Foundation Programme and so if you want to progress to Igniting your Linked Capability you will need to complete this offering 1st

✨ You will have Lifetime access to the How to Awaken your Soul Abilities and the private Capabilities Unleashed Facebook Community where you can share and grow energetically together.

✨ Learn to Use your capabilities for yourself,

for your own healing and energetic expansion, for others, for Nature Objects – there is no limit to how you could make this physical world a better place to live in, using your own energy and understanding of your capabilities.

Access to the next cohort for the Energetics Capability Foundation Programme will commence on Saturday 1st April 2023

Investment for the Online Foundation Programme £499 (instalment plan 2 x £250 available)