6 Month Epic Expansion Experience

Begins 3rd March 2023 to 1st September 2023

Work With ME for 6 months in an exclusive group that will take you from Awakening to Evolving and Beyond.


Working with mE brings you to Hope for Life and Hope for Future.

It’s an Ancient Energy that is felt by All who Work With Me.

I currently don’t have any offerings for 1:1 work, but for the 6 months of this Epic Expansion Experience you have Access to my Energy, to (divine) ENERGY, to (divine) INSIGHT, to (divine) HEALING and to the Ancient Energies of Colour, Light and Sound.

Let’s talk about the 6 month Epic Expansion Experience.

This is so much more than an online program that is taking you through a Spiritual Awakening and Beyond to EvolvE your Soul.

This a 6 month Epic Expansion Experience for you, so unique that there is nothing else like this around.

It’s called Epic for a Reason. Epic is an energy that only a number of souls will ever experience in their physical lifetime. So epic is Epic that for many they will never reach the dazzling heights of this energy.

And so, from Day 1, throughout the whole 6 months I will be flowing you in the energy of Epic, bringing you flashes of the Elite Energy that awaits you once you are living in EvolvE YOU.

Normally to go through a rapid expansion such as this would not be possible, but because of who I am, and the Ancient Energies that I have Access to, I can Ensure that you sail through the 6 months on waves of Joyousness.

That doesn’t mean that as those stones get un-turned, you won’t feel the connection to low vibration, particularly in the beginning of the 6 months, but what it does mean is that the connection to mE and my energy will bring you an uplight (no that isn’t misspelt) into Hope, into Lightness.

And so in between the serious business of soul growth through an Awakening and learning to live in EvolvE YOU, there will be many experiences and opportunities for you to Play with Energy and feel the Joyousness of Life.

Life, that energy of creation that mE as an Ancient Energy has played such a significant role in bringing to life. (To understand more about my relationship with Life, read Aspects of LIFE the 1st book in the Series, There’s More To Life Than Living)

Introducing the

Principles of Believe

Epic Energy Experience


Practical Experience

Manifesting 101

Interacting with Guides

Believe Feelset Tools


Epic Energy Experience

Play in Nature

Practical Experience

The Broadest Truth Program

All That You Can Be

Epic Energy Experience

Capabilities Play

Practical Experience

Capabilities Foundation

HURT Healing


Epic Energy Experience

Evolved Manifesting

Practical Experience

EvolvE YOU


Maximise Evolvement

Epic Energy Experience

Feel the Youest of You

Practical Experience

True Cellular Form

Enhanced Capabilities

What is an Awakening and What is EvolvE YOU?


When you Awaken you Energetically Change the way your Soul Interacts with your Soul, your Mind and your Physical Body.


There is only one True Definition of Awakening. It is linked to a Change in your Soul that can only Occur if you are able to Create 'The Broadest Truth'.


When you Create The Broadest Truth your Soul 'Acknowledges' that in any situation you can Flow To Love.


No matter how much Fear may Occur in the moment for you, once you have Created The Broadest Truth, you are able to Call this Energetically and quickly Flow to a Loving Vibration when you Allow it.

It is your Conscious Mind Perspective Programming that is Influenced by The Broadest Truth Creation. It Means that for ALL Experiences that you could ever have, your Conscious Mind has the Capability to Perceive Love.


Without The Broadest Truth Being Created you cannot Assure that you can Perceive Love when you Allow it. Without this Probability you cannot Be Awakened. No matter how Loving you are, or how much you Love God, without The Broadest Truth your Soul will not Acknowledge your Flow To Love.

Many individuals believe they have Awakened without the conscious awareness of what their Broadest Truth is, or indeed no conscious understanding of what a Truth is. It is true that there are some souls who have truly enabled an Awakening in this way. And so if you believe you have Awakened, take a moment now to connect in with your Soul and ask of it, “Can I in any given moment, no matter what is happening in my current experience, always Flow to Love?” Do not be hard on yourself if your True response is “No”. You are a physical human after all and you are designed to respond by way of emotions. And therefore, if a 50ft truck is hurtling towards you, you will naturally trigger a fear response to make you jump out of the way. This is as it should be. But if you then allow yourself to ruminate on the possible consequences of not getting out of the way in time, of what could have been, then you are not Perceiving Love, you are Perceiving Fear and that would indicate that the Soul changes that occur through a True Awakening have not yet happened.


Creating The Broadest Truth is not easy but when you Achieve it, you WILL Awaken, and the changes within your Soul WILL Occur. And the good news is that this can be Achieved in under 4 weeks!

And so, after understanding the basics of Believe, getting you connected to your Higher Self, who will be an integral part of this Epic Expansion Experience for you, we will be diving straight into the Broadest Truth Program.

EvolvE YOU

Awakening brings you Opportunity to EvolvE. An Awakened Soul can Energetically Expand to All That They Are. An Awakened Soul can Enact Energetic Capabilities in their Soul that are truly Wondrous. An Awakened Soul can truly Feel High Vibrational and FREE.

This is a Time for Physical Humans to Now Live where LOVE is Assured. This is only possible in EvolvE YOU.

Allow this IMMENSE Change for You Eternally

EvolvE YOU is the Reference Of God Designed for this New Time

EvolvE YOU is part of God’s Destiny, Paving and Leading the way for All Physical Humans and indeed Non Physical Humans too.

Allow the Call of EvolvE YOU and Live Life in LOVE, for Life is for Living!

Who is this 6 Month Epic Expansion Experience for?

NOTE: This is for those who have NOT yet Awakened through the Broadest Truth Programme

🌟 It is for you if you are Serious in Love for yourself and for your Energetic Expansion and Growth, You Want and Need Change and are Committed to Seeing it Through

🌟 It is for you if you don’t want to wait years to Awaken and EvolvE

🌟 It is for you if you have had enough of waiting around for Change

For the 6 months that you are part of this Epic Program you will have Access to my Energy, which is a powerful combination of Divine INSIGHT, Divine HEALING, Divine ENERGY and the Ancient Energies of Colour Light and Sound- No other physical human soul on this planet can enable this powerful combination of Energies.

What does this mean for you?

🌟 It means you will be able to Receive with greater clarity from your Higher Self and your non-physical team without the mis-translation that comes from low vibration.

🌟 It means Rapid Soul Growth for you

🌟 It means physical healing for you

🌟 It means a connection to All of You as I ignite your Soul Capabilities (no one else can do this for you)

🌟 It means you would qualify for the Capabilities Certification Program should you choose to create your own Energetic Business (The Capabilities Certification Program enables you to access Divine ENERGY and ignite capabilities in your own clients)

The 6 month Epic Expansion Program goes live on 3rd March 2023

to 1st September 2023

The Pay in Full Price is $4,500

Early discounted price of $3,600 available until end of November 2022

Payment plan of 10 x $360 also available until end of November 2022

If you prefer to pay in £GBP please email heal@thejanejackson.com