Books Written by Jane Jackson

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Aspects of LIFE

It’s time to wake up, to live LIFE with purpose and meaning.

About “There’s More to Life Than Living” Series

Life is so much more than just this physical existence and this series of guides will attempt to explain the enormity and the vastness of the spiritual energy of LIFE.

These books were written and guided by Jane’s non-physical team of guides, sharing their unique Leading-Edge Insight into LIFE, along with powerful energy practices that you can use again and again to become the Master of your Life.

It’s not LIFE as you know it, but LIFE as GOD knows it.

ASPECTS of LIFE, the first book in the series, is a “How to Guide”. How to use energy to create the outcomes you desire in life. This is so much more powerful than affirmations or mindset work. This is creation using the energy of LIFE and LIFE is mighty and powerful.


Infused with the Energy of LIFE. When you pick up your Life Notes and write in it, if you Allow, you will Feel the connection to EASE, HOPE, LOVE, JOY, LIGHTNESS, INSPIRATION and CREATION.

A perfect lined notebook for recording your reflections on Life.

If you would like a notebook journal that inspires you every time you write in it, purchase Life Notes now.

Monsters Under My Bed

Monsters Under My Bed by Jane Jackson, written prior to Jane’s Awakening, is a candid view of the harsh realities that the legacy of childhood trauma leaves behind.

The monsters share fragments of Jane’s adult life, of her descent into insanity and recovery from addictions; along with their wisdom and reason for being.

They appreciate that not everyone wants to hear stories of pain and trauma.

But none the less these are stories that need to be shared, so that you can start acknowledging your own monsters, start befriending them rather than ignoring them and understand the importance of acknowledging their existence within your own healing process.

Jane would not have survived, had she not been through this journey of healing with these monsters.

But trust me they have a way of storytelling that is engaging and healing, or so we have been told.

Recommended Books Written 5th Dimension Earth


“The Understanding in this book will Free you Vibrationally and leave you Fully Love Labelled if you follow the Guidance through The Believe Releasing Process, which is Lovingly supported by your Higher Self.

We have REAL experience of thousands of Souls that have Awakened because of what we teach you in this book. Those Souls have gone on to expand and will continue to evolve through our teachings but also because of the Wondrous connection they will have achieved with their own Higher Self and other Non Physical Guides, brought through to them through Believe.

We have an incredible online resource which supports the teachings in this book which is currently continuously updated. We have a following of incredible Physical Human Souls that are part of our 5th Dimension Community that you can connect and share with. These Souls Know their Truth, Understand their Journey and that no part of it is their Fault. Allow yourself to be brought to this by this book. Allow yourself to be Free and Live Life.

There is no other Spiritual book on the planet that can rival what Believe will Energetically Align you to. We Love you, we want you to Love you too.”

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