How to Awaken Your Soul Abilities

An online Offering with Lifetime Access for a One Off Fee of £33





Connect to your Soul's Purpose and Emphasis

Allow this Understanding to Guide You to True Energy


Understand what Abilities you have 

And how to Exercise them and Enact them to become Capabilities



Know how to use your Capability

Connect to Energetic PLAY as a way to keep advancing your capabilities

This Offering is Right for you if:

🌟 you want to discover what Abilities you have within your Soul Energy

🌟 you are able to connect with your Higher Self and non-physical team (I have an online Masterclass Interacting with your Non-Physical Guides to help - you can purchase this HERE for £25)

🌟 you want to understand more about your souls purpose, why you chose to become physical in this time and space. Once you understand this you will stop questioning what you are supposed to be doing with your life and the direction it is going.

Access How to Awaken Your Soul Abilities Here
From The JANE Jackson:

When You connect to Your Soul's Emphasis You begin to Feel more You!



   ✨ As you go through the practices in How to Awaken Your Soul Abilities you will be leveraging (divine) ENERGY– this will intensify your receiving abilities from
non-physical and limit the likelihood of mis-translation or incorrect interpretation from non-physical.    

✨ This programme will Raise your Vibration and take you through Rapid Soul Growth enabling you to Feel Good. It does not matter if you are Awakened or living in EvolvE YOU or just starting on your Spiritual Journey.

✨ (divine) ENERGY is only accessible through my energy. It is completely unique to me, no other living physical soul currently has access to (divine) ENERGY.

✨ This online offering is the energetic introduction for the Foundation Programme and so if you want to progress to Igniting your Linked Capability you will need to complete this offering 1st

✨ Learn to Use your capabilities for yourself, for your own healing and energetic expansion, for others, for Nature Objects – there is no limit to how you could make this physical world a better place to live in, using your own energy and understanding of your capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

If You want some personalised support to Help You Understand more about your Soul Abilities and You would like me to take the hard work out of Exercising and Enacting for You, then UPGRADE to include the Capabilities Masterclass



Let your journey to Energetic Mastery begin here