The Energetic Capabilities Foundation Programme

be All That You ARE!

NEXT Programme Starts 1st April 2023 (scroll to the bottom to access the Payment Plan option)




Discover what your Linked Capability is

And Allow mE to Ignite it for You taking the hard work out of Energetically Earning and Exercising



Connect to (divine) ENERGY

Understand How to use your Linked Capability with other Associated Capabilities



Connect to Your Energy Holdings

to Support the Enhancement and Advancement of Your Capabilities

You are just a few steps away from Energetic Mastery. This online programme is supported by a weekly recorded Q&A. See the video below for more details.
You need to have completed the How to Awaken Your Soul Abilities Offering before Joining (you can purchase this HERE)

From The JANE Jackson:

You are READY to take your Energetic Capabilities to the Next Level.


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QUEEN and all Attributes are all working as though they are enacted. 

To say I’m happy and excited is an understatement!!!
Thank you so much Jane, from the bottom of my heart

-Amanda Farrar


I wanted to reach out personally to thank you for your time and enacting our capabilities. 

I know live programs take time and effort and yes it’s a service we’ve paid for, but as business owners wouldn’t it be nice if we acknowledge good work ethics, exceptional content and commitment. Sending you loads of love and gratitude, from both of us.

-Deborah O'Grady


Thank you so much for all the tools you have given in this course, they have been and will continue to be so helpful!

WoW week 3 is blowing my mind. I have discovered so much. I didn't even know I had any of this in me nor that I could flow to it!

-A few comments from the rest of the community

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